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Topic: "Harpsichord Duo"

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    "Harpsichord Duo"

    This is a composition for two harpsichords, with two different instances of the Garritan GPO instruments.

    Here is my "Harpsichord Duo".

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: "Harpsichord Duo"

    Yeah!!!! Another great piece from the pen of Maestro Larry right on the heals of his last piece "Answers". To do this so quickly after posting "Answers" and it being so sanguine in nature, one would never guess you have had health issues of late. Bravo my friend.

    And....I absolutely love your tonality changes in your pieces, as I have mentioned in the past, but this one (about a third through it) was absolutely delightful. It caught me completely off guard and I had to back up the player twice to hear what you did. Extremely clever Larry, don't think I've ever heard that particular chord progression done in that way before.

    As always, it made my day. Thanks so much.


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    Re: "Harpsichord Duo"

    Thanks for having a listen, Mister Cass. I always appreciate your comments.

    My best to you. I hope that your health problems disappear and never return.

    Take care.
    Larry G. Alexander

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