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Topic: bari sax

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    bari sax

    i am looking for the ULTIMATE bari sax sample out there. please.....someone help.
    i have the killer brass CD and i am using the tenor sax sample intead. pretty good but not what im looking for.

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    Re: bari sax

    Quantum Leaps sax\'s are pretty darned tootin\'

    in fact I\'ve been using alot of QL brass for pop/band stuff lately, and I have to say I\'m getting pretty good results. the rip solo trumpet kicks. I wish it was as strong at all notes as it is in only some of them, but man, that and the trombone section layered with staccatto (I\'m finding a good use for the library Nick)

    Anyway the Bari is pretty good. I love the \"pink Panther\" slow staccatto. Its not perfect, but I don\'t think there is a better one out there yet. If there is, some one pleae tell me.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: bari sax

    can u send me a link to the demo of this library? if there is one. thanks

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    Re: bari sax

    Check www.soundsonline.com
    look for Quantum Leap Brass

    not sure if there is a focus on the baritone in it tho. I think there might be tho.....

    what exactly are you looking for in terms of sound of the bari?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: bari sax

    we do a bluesy tune in our show called \"i just wanna make love to you\" (not the rock version) and it has a very predominant bari-sax part in it. has a \"pomp\" sound to it.

    thanks for the link.

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