Hi all. I have a Kenton MidiStream wireless midi rig for sale. This is a GREAT unit. The range is amazing and I've never had dropouts. The reason I am selling it is because I used it with a Roland AX7 for live gigging, and I don't use that instrument any more when playing live.

It was recently recalibrated by the company to ensure maximim operating range.

This unit sells for about $370 plus tax and shipping.

I am willing to sell this to someone in the US for $220 shipped. It works flawlessly.

Here is a link you can use to read all about it:


I have a PayPal account which can be used for payment. I have sold equipment in this forum before, in fact just recently someone got a great deal on my RME HDSP 9632 sound card. I'm not some joker. I am a 55 year old professional keyboardist.

Great deal for someone. Drop me a line if interested or if you have questions.........Rob