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Topic: a site the people's demos can call home

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    Re: a site the people\'s demos can call home

    One should be able to get 1 gig of managed storage from www.storageaccess.com. If all members contribute a bit this should be doable;

    Come on Nothernsounds, start organizing.....

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    a site the people\'s demos can call home

    Hey, what if some generous and affluent soul were to create a web page with a LOT of space where we could all post our demos? I don\'t know much about servers and web creation but I do know that the open-to-all demo pages that I\'ve encountered (e.g., at northernsounds) are small and difficult to upload to. It would be cool if everyone could feel free to upload their various pieces, good and mediocre, to share.

    Just a thought. (Is there an acronym for that? JAT??)


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