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Topic: Ultimate Strings?

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    Ultimate Strings?

    I\'m looking to buy an orchestral sample set. Does anyone have any recommendations? I\'m leaning towards \"Ultimate Strings\" as I\'ve liked what I\'ve heard so far.... pro\'s and cons?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Ultimate Strings?

    Ultimate strings is a fine library. Some intonations problems in the cellos low register and some in the violins high register.
    I\'ve tried tweaking that in the editor but always end up with screwed up celoos and violins worse than before.
    My favoriter of this library are the european string enesembles sampled. Very robust and beautiful.
    I also own the miroslav mini library and between the two I\'m satisfied in terms of strings.

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    Re: Ultimate Strings?

    I\'m very fond of Ultimate Strings. I\'ve had good results layering them over other string samples from other string libraries to thicken up the sound as well, which may be something you might want to try!


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    Re: Ultimate Strings?

    There are some great sounding strings in this library, but some of the patches are problematic because poor looping points cause them to throb quite noticeably, at least in the Akai version.

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