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Topic: The new GigaStrings site

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    The new GigaStrings site

    There has been a great deal of anticipation concerning Gary Garritan’s new GigaStrings project. You can now get a first glimpse of what’s to come by heading over to www.gigastrings.com. There are several MP3 demos plus a substantial amount of info.

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    Re: The new GigaStrings site

    Oh my.. The sound quality of this library alone should set a benchmark for future sample makers. I\'ve only heard the mp3 demos on the site but I\'m already very fond of the warm professional tone present in the legato samples and the wonderful variations in marcato and staccato patches. Now I feel like a complete fool not taking up Gary\'s gracious offer to beta test this library. oh.. the horror, the horror..

    F. Juma.

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    Re: The new GigaStrings site

    Most of the demos sounds really good. The top demo (full section legato) though shows a tendency for each note to have too much attack for what is supposed to be a legato passage. The sound seems to fade in for each note at the exact same speed, which to my ears is a dead give away for fake strings. It could just be in the playing of the demo.

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    Re: The new GigaStrings site

    Wow! Gary I have to say your Gigastrings MP3s are wonderful. The cellos and violins are breathtaking! I listened to the demos on my Mackie HR824s and the sound quality is fantastic. Folks, I think we might have a winner here! Goodbye Miroslav

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    Re: The new GigaStrings site

    Thumbs way up. You are definitely setting a new standard for sampled strings, Gary.

    Excellent work... put me down for a copy as soon as it\'s available. (when?)

    - Chris

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    Re: The new GigaStrings site

    Sounds great so far Gary. You can almost feel the resin spitting off the strings of the violins and violas. I am less convinced by the cellos and basses (although they are perhaps the best samples I have heard so far). The phrase marked \"Celli - Legato dynamics\" was a little \"pitchy\" to these ears - perhaps you overdid the vibrato on the controller? Also legato bass samples have never done it for me. They invariably seem to end up sounding like synth patches. And again, the basses sound out of tune (and believe me, I know how hard it is to keep these \"dancing elephants\" in tune).

    Overall, in spite of these criticisms, I am hugely impressed by your obvious skill and devotion to achieving quality results. You have really captured \"the sound\" of a good string section. I very much look forward to the finished product.


    I wholeheartedly agree with your observation regarding the legato attacks. I too, was largely unconvinced by the first passage.


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    Re: The new GigaStrings site

    WOW! My initial impression is that this library captures a new level of realism and expression. There\'s an element of realism to some of these examples that I haven\'t heard in any other library.

    \'Can\'t wait to get this one! Congratulations!

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    Re: The new GigaStrings site

    How did you people get these sample MP3\'s. Every time I click on one of the samples all I get is a page of code. Don\'t tell me I can\'t download these samples to a MAC!



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    Re: The new GigaStrings site

    Yep, I\'m impressed the DEMO library! Any ideas about pricing and availability? More detail sample-list that what shall we get?

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    Re: The new GigaStrings site

    Cool Tom, that is good to hear. That just happened to be the first one I listened to and I was expecting a really smooth legato passage.

    One of the complaints I have with the AO strings is that it is hard to play legato with them, as you don\'t have enough control over the amount of bow used on each note.

    Hopefully this library will be available soon. I was thinking of getting the Kirk Hunter strings, but I will probably hold off and evaluate this library first. It has a ton of potential.

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