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Topic: Dan Dean Solo Strings

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    Dan Dean Solo Strings


    There will eventually be an upgrade to the Dan Dean Solo Strings that will address your concerns. It will be designed like the Winds and Brass with multiple layers, but with multiple bows per note (longer duration), NV, V, con sordino, pizz, trills, trems and other special bowings and special programming features.

    To address the fast attack issue, we will include features like those found in the WW\'s and Brass which create a very fast attack in an otherwise legato patch.

    As an aside, the DDSS were initially created for RAM based samplers, although they have never been released in that format. The sampling plan took into account the size limitations of that platform. The upgrade will be a full-tilt giga-designed version. Since I have a lot on my plate right now, the upgrade will not be out for a while. If you\'ve purchased the DDSS, you\'ll be eligible for the upgrade. Brass is next up, then there are some other projects in the planning stages. I plan to include Double Bass in the upgrade. I would guess that it will be at minimum a 4 disk set.

    I find one of the most beneficial uses of the DDSS is to \"float\" them over another string ensemble. Put the Solo Violin, Viola and Cello down in the mix, but have each of the instruments double some of the ensemble parts. You\'ll find some extra definition and realism.

    Dan Dean

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Strings

    Dan, I agree with you about using the solo violin and viola along with other stings to help them out. It really makes a difference in my stuff. I forgot to do it in one section once and a friend of mine asked me why the strings suddenly sounded so fake.

    But I disagree about your solo cello. It is fantastic and can easily stand on it\'s own.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Strings

    I adore the sound of the cello,
    and your cello sounds fantastic.

    But what I\'d really like is to not just play a cello sound on my keyboard, but to play the cello on my keyboard.

    i.e. A velocity switch...so that when I play softly I get a slow attack legato...when I play harder I get a normal legato ...when I play harder still I can hear the bow bouncing off the string (but still bowing)...and when I thump hell out of the keyboard I get just the sound of the bow jumping off the string.


    If you could include this in your update
    I will \"give you my soul\".

    Opps! Sorry, can\'t do that...I\'ve just remembered
    I had to sell it to someone else to get this far!

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