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Topic: What are your opinions on...

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    What are your opinions on...

    What are your opinions on sound (sample instruments) quality of this?

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    Re: What are your opinions on...

    soudns like video game music to me...with video game quality samples. (read: good for about 100k)

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: What are your opinions on...

    The guitar is fair, but whatever flute-like instrument in the background, it doesn\'t sound like any real instrument. Not that this is neccesarily bad though, but in this example it makes it sound terribly Casio....

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    Re: What are your opinions on...

    When I downloaded this, I expected a mildly orchestral cue, but it really only consists of guitar and flute. The guitar doesn\'t do anything exciting other than play a couple of chords and might be just a SoundBlaster GMIDI instrument. The flute sounds entirely fake/flat and very Casio-like, like Simon mentioned.

    Dis, if this was to be a \"I\'ll show\'em good samples!\" example, you might want to end your quest.


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    Re: What are your opinions on...

    MarcFloessel: No it wasn\'t \"I\'ll show\'em good samples!\" example, but it has sounded very clear and expressive to me for a 12-years old synthesizer (especially guitar), so I have posted it here only for pleasure. :}

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    Re: What are your opinions on...

    If the flute was played an octave higher, it would sound more idiomatic, but is it is still a weak sample.


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