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Topic: Looking for new sounds

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    Looking for new sounds

    I\'m always looking for new sounds, and I wanted to find out what from other people what is out there.....

    I want more strings....who doesn\'t? I have heard some stuff about Kirk Hunter strings. I also heard that a giga version comes out in the summer. Does anyone know how this format will differ from akai?

    I have x-sample and Dan Dean strings now, and they are good, only now I need good realistic sections. What ever happened to giga-strings? I hope those will still be released.

    Woodwinds I am happy with now. Mr. Dean\'s winds are excellent, which reminds me....

    his brass will be avalibe soon, and I can\'t wait. And then there that big upcoming brass sections library with all those horns and all.
    And I hear that there will be Quantum Leap Brass II...
    Will these instruments be chromatic, using keyswitch feature, with several dynamic layers?
    Does Quantum Leap Brass I have chromatically sampled instuments, with many dynamic layers and use the keyswitch feature?

    I just Post Pristine Piano suite. A very excellent sampled piano. I love it, and the celesta is good too. Finally, a celeste that I can use, my mother even liked it.
    Ok Donnie, when are you releaseing your Celeste, I\'d love to compare yours with the Post suite. When will your marimba and vibes be avalible for purchase? I need a GOOD vibraphone and marimba. Your Ultimte percussion set is excellent! I have found a use for almost every instrument in this library!! I just need to get the Timpani upgrade too!

    I bought the marimba from Sampleheads through download. It is pretty good, best one so far, but perhaps the NorthernSounds marimba is better....I want to find out.

    These are my thoughts and wants for sounds. I hope someone somewhere can give me more information....

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    Re: Looking for new sounds

    Do you have any other piano samples besides the Post Pristine Piano?

    I have the Steinway B, Gigapiano, Malmsjo and the Tracthman pianos. I probably play the Malmsjo piano the most. It just seems to have a sound that is more mellow and really sounds realistic in the jazz music I play. Have you tried the Holy Grail piano? What is it you like about the PPP? I would love to hear what it is that you like about it.

    I really think more people doing the sampling of pianos need to get a little further away from the strings and follow Hans Adamson\'s lead. The malmsjo really has some natural sounding elements to it.


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    Re: Looking for new sounds

    Just a note on the marimba and vibe sounds. We havea new library that should be shipping in a week or two at the max. You can hear demos of it at our website http://www.dssoundware.com
    Just go to \"sounds\" and scroll. Let me know what you think!


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    Re: Looking for new sounds

    The Post piano seems to have more dynamics somehow. The other pianos that I own are the gigapiano, and bosendorfer. I think there are other layers in the Post\'s Steinway that add to the realism of this piano. Der Bosendorfer ist ok, however I have used this piano in almost everything so far. I\'ll have to listen to more music and see which is really the better of the two pianos.

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    Re: Looking for new sounds

    The demos are excellent! The marimba sounds like a real marima. I like your vibes too, so far the best vibe that I found is in the AO package. I have a feeling your may be a bit better due to the fact that it is chromatic, I don\'t think the AO vibe is.

    I have made a great recording for percussion ensemble. If anyone is interested, email me.

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    Re: Looking for new sounds

    I would love to hear your demo. You can email it to me at donnie@dssoundware.com

    The plus to our marimba and vibes is the fact that the marimba is 4 vel.\'s and the vibes are 3. This makes a huge difference when trying to create realistic recordings. You also get four mallet choices with each!


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    Re: Looking for new sounds

    Quoting R Chadwick from vrsound giga module review:
    As I said earlier, I think this library was designed as an economical broad base starting point from which to branch out. It gives you a taste of a range of well recorded instruments without requiring that you mortgage the house for library to cover a single instrument. As such it fits the bill well. I haven\'t tried out the Conexant 500mb GM library, but my assumption is that in trying to cover the whole 127 instrument GM library specification, it\'s not physically possible to do it in the depth that VR have covered this group of instruments. Although there is still an obvious need for other sounds , If I had just bought Gigastudio and was looking for some sound fodder, the Giga Module would be an easy choice.

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