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Topic: good Shakuhatchi samples

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    good Shakuhatchi samples

    I knew there was gonna be a day when I needed to get some good samples of this instrument. I ahve whats on my World Exp Board (jv/XP) and have been using that for basics and demos for a while, but now I am actually going to need some good samples......

    I those Heart of Asia would have some...but it looks like there sin\'t ANY on that set. Ethno World doesn\'t have any... In fact I don\'t know of a library that has one, so I need to be enlightened. Cuz I\'m sure there is atleast one sample set out there (hopefully good)

    And NICK...Dammit I need Rare I now....In fact I need it This Minute!!, when\'s the release date?

    The Ehru on Heart of Asia is pretty nice sounding, have you heard it/used it? I\'m gonna need a good one I\'m prety anxious at trying out yours

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: good Shakuhatchi samples

    In searching I\'ve only found a cpl of GM sample sets with a shaku, and one loop CD with some Shakus in the loops.

    There was once a post about a Celtuic library that had a link to a Sample Developer that I can\'t seem to fnd amymore the celtic library was something of 6 CDs big or something... I wonder if they might have some good Traditional Japanese instrument samples.....

    Anyone reading this post :P

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: good Shakuhatchi samples

    Hi KingIdiot

    Yes, we\'re reading. But no one feels like posting because we don\'t think this thread will hit 100.

    Anyway, more serioiusly, EASTWEST distibutes a \"Complete Celt\" library. Actually two of them. The advertisement in the current Keyboard Mag has Celt Volume Two, which is three CDs, so I imagine volume one was three CDs too.

    No mention of Shak. samples though...

    Please let us know if you find something.

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    Re: good Shakuhatchi samples

    I definaetly wasn\'t the Complete Celt libarary.

    There was a set that wa to be released a while ago that was 6 CDs of truely multisampled instrumetns I believe. Where as CC is loops I\'m pretty sure....

    anyway, I\'m traveling the wrong part of the world here talking about Celtic stuff...its Japan I need

    I took a look at the EMU World Module and sound expansion....Maybe better/good addition to than the Roland stuff I have....but No where near what I\'m really looking for.

    can Anyone else throw me some suggestions for Japanese traditional instruments. Like I said I know Nicks got Rare instrumetns coming out,..and its got Taiko drums (hopefully all kinds of hits), I Have Heart of Asia being delivered write now, Its probably got some good ensemble sounds for me to get away with (seeing as the project is really supposed to be traditional Japanese overtones...I might be able to use these asian over tones instead, in some places to thicken up the lame Japanese sounds i have.

    I can\'t even find a good Koto sample out anywhere. I\'m off to Japan Town out here to find some real players and hopefully sample them myself....tho I was really hoping not to have to do that....

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: good Shakuhatchi samples

    Wait a minute, you might sample them yourself?

    What if you then sell those sounds for six bucks a piece over the internet, then you\'ll get Cool7s and Donnie on here and you WILL hit 100 posts!

    Sorry, no help, I\'ll butt out now, just caught up in 100 fever...

    I do know how you feel, I\'m working on a Singapore project right now and anything with Asian overtones is what they want.. Its a super small budget though so I\'m not forking out for new CDs. But it is surprising that there isn\'t more out there.

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    Re: good Shakuhatchi samples


    Thanks for our replies Robert.

    Tell you what, if I sample them, I\'ll give them to you for free....IF you sign an agreement that if you use the samples more than once you pay me.....100 BILLION DOLLARS! (KI puts evil pinky to mouth)...

    Actually I\'m taking the time to start some synth editing today, I may sample my shaku on the Roland..use som Formant Shifting and other tricks to create a more \"stable\" instrument in terms of tone,..and something more expressive with some good EQ tweaking.....I ahte doing this stuff soetimes tho, when I know I should be focusing on composing.

    How hard is it to play a Shaku? Could I buy one and try playing/sampling yself? Seriously. As much as I know sampling a real player is more effective. Samplng myself gives me the freedom to grab/create what I need as I need it.

    Nick if you\'re reading this. how many Taiko Drums did you sample? Could I make a small ensemble with the samples?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: good Shakuhatchi samples

    There are about 200 taiko samples on Rare Instruments. They are grouped into about 16 patches, each one 8-16 way velocity switching. There is also an ensemble patch. The library will be available this Friday from EAST WEST.

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    Re: good Shakuhatchi samples

    awww Crap... ONLY 200!!? :P

    hehee.. cool thx for the info...can\'t wait for this for teh Erhu and the Taikos. Its gonna help having a really good amount of smples on these instruments,..and the ensemble and extra ehru samples from HoA.

    And on top of it I get Celtic stuff...Dammit..there I go again..wrong part of the world...

    This\'ll get one of those librareis I want out of the way....

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: good Shakuhatchi samples


    We have Shakahachi !

    We have Koto !


    They employ our virtual Model Sampling™ techiques too!

    Meaning you can articulate the HELL out the stuff!

    Not just: \"Kweadle-DOOOooooo....fa\"

    Ya know \"Gabriels/Enigma\'s\" re-hash flute?

    \"Kweadle-DOOOooooo....fa\" \"Kweadle-DOOOooooo....fa\" \"Kweadle-DOOOooooo....fa\"

    But seperate: chiffs/cha\'s/blows/sustains/overtones/releases....

    email me: audiolab@pacbell.net
    we\'ll work it out.

    Ask me about the MASSIVE orchestra (strings-perc-woodwinds-brass) Emu-Giga banks-instruments-sets!-stuff!

    Ooops! Did I let THAT slip!

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    Re: good Shakuhatchi samples

    I swear I\'m never going to stop buying stuff......

    ....sigh.....I\'ve got to stop hangin gout in forums like this one...I learn about too many things

    I definitely dont need that Enigma sound,..so what you\'ve got going sounds great.... I really want somethign thats really breathy, and that overblown sound would be perfect for \"noise\" ... actually the more I type about it..the more I\'m starting to drool...

    Really...I am an Idiot

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