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Topic: Competition: Win a "Scarbee J-Fingered"!

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    Competition: Win a \"Scarbee J-Fingered\"!


    To get as many great license free midi-files with great funky bass chops on our site www.scarbee.com - I invite the owners of Scarbee J-Slap to send one or more \"4 beat bass-line or bass chop\" to info@scarbee.com and you will have the chance to win a free J-Fingered, when it gets out in a couple of months.


    1) Bass lines must be license free to all users.

    2) Bass lines must be at least 4 bars in any tempo.

    3) The programming must be \"realistic\" - using the right positions etc.

    Last date for sending in: 25/5 2001

    The best midi-file will win a free J-Fingered.

    All the other midi-files will be on the site with credits.

    I will be the \"Judge\".


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    Re: Competition: Win a \"Scarbee J-Fingered\"!

    I forgot: You are free to use General MIDI instruments to back up your bass.

    PS: If you want to sign up for the Scarbee newsletter write to: news@scarbee.com


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    Re: Competition: Win a \"Scarbee J-Fingered\"!

    There will be a J-Fingered demo up very soon on - so come on with those funky slap-chops!


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    Re: Competition: Win a \"Scarbee J-Fingered\"!

    The demos for this library are the most realistic I have ever heard.

    How come more people aren\'t talking about this library on this forum. Are people waiting for J-Fingered, before buying J-Slap.

    I admit I am waiting for it before I buy J-Slap.

    what\'s the story?


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    Re: Competition: Win a \"Scarbee J-Fingered\"!

    King Idiot wrote:
    expect an order from me very soon.... wish I had the library...and the time..to try and wint eh contest

    Maybe I will set the final date for the \"contest\" to 1.Juli - would that be better?

    Expect a demo on the J-Fingered 2 days from now. I will be a BPM 98 groove with bass (bridge pickup), Drums and Rhythm guitar - and probably some keyboards too.

    The guitar is performed by double danish grammy winner, producer and composer Halfdan E.


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    Re: Competition: Win a \"Scarbee J-Fingered\"!

    I\'ve placed an order for the slap bass, I\'ll put some impressions up once it arrives and I figure out how to make it go. Anyway his demos are so good it seems like they answer the question of how good the library is better than any yapping would.

    The real question probably is, can I compose and program at his level? Here\'s hoping!

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    Re: Competition: Win a \"Scarbee J-Fingered\"!


    Could you do a demo incorporating J-Fingered with J-Slap. I know you are building these to work together. I would like to hear how this sounds.


    Keep up the great work. Maybe some posters will let us know how they feel about your library, if they aren\'t too busy saying
    Woohoo, almost 200 posts.

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    Re: Competition: Win a \"Scarbee J-Fingered\"!

    Hi Mars:

    Yeah - I will add some slap to the demo that I am doing now.


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    Re: Competition: Win a \"Scarbee J-Fingered\"!

    Only push it back if you are looking for more Slap Midis for the contest. I\'m prety freakin busy on some stuff for right now, but starting mid may I should be able to start working on some stuff with the slap library, but I\'m not relly sure. I\'m jsut making a complaint thats really my own prblem I\'m gonna get the library(ies) anyway, so don\'t worry abou tme

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Competition: Win a \"Scarbee J-Fingered\"!

    I\'m jsut waiting for some extra cash withing the next few montsh. I plan on adding this librar to my arsenal.

    I believe alot of peopel on this forum are more interested in orchestral samples, which is why you don\'t see may raves for this library. I\'ve heard some words from users, and they are in love, they also say that you need to definately \"get into\" your sequencer and do some editing to get that \"real\" sound, but they also say its fairly intuitive, and once you get used to it, you can make some \"awesome\" sounds....

    with the demos posted by Thomas himself....I didn\'t need to hear that from users..I can hear it in the demos

    expect an order from me very soon.... wish I had the library...and the time..to try and wint eh contest

    Really...I am an Idiot

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