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Topic: Can't find Jinjee's Brass.

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    Can\'t find Jinjee\'s Brass.

    I can\'t find Jinjee\'s Brass. Anyone know where I can find this on the web? Soniccontrol link is broken and it\'s not listed at Worra\'s place.

    I really need some orchestral Brass sounds soon. A nasty deadline is looming.

    Thanks for your help.

    Matt Pierce

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    Re: Can\'t find Jinjee\'s Brass.

    Well, Jinjee is rpobably not making any libraries anymore due to illegal circumstances that took place with a string library he/she made in the past.

    If you need brass...then get Quantum Leap brass...there is no commercial competitive library out there that can beat it.

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    Re: Can\'t find Jinjee\'s Brass.

    Does anybody know of a library(ies) that has sounds for children\'s songs. I need bubbles and pops and shwooshes and boings and zipzaps and other playful bing bongs that I can trigger via my controller.

    Not looking for a sound effect library per se that I could use to make my own samples. I want something pre-made.

    think toy drums and wiggley waggles..think kids.

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    Re: Can\'t find Jinjee\'s Brass.

    Thanks Marty, but I don\'t have $625 to spend on samples and frankly never would, even if I had it. This is why I wanted Jinjee. I have the Jinjee Strings and they are quite simply awesome. I am a violinist and this is not something I say very often about samples, trust me.

    I feel bad for whatever happened to Jinjee. What, the cellist was pissed because he didn\'t get paid enough? And now, I feel bad that I don\'t have access to what I can imagine is a very good sample set.

    Big bummer.


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    Re: Can\'t find Jinjee\'s Brass.

    No, the samples were ripped from other libraries. I don\'t know about Jinjees Strings, but Jinjees Horns was mostly from Advanced Orchestra, it turned out.

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    Re: Can\'t find Jinjee\'s Brass.

    > Jinjees Horns was mostly from Advanced Orchestra

    So... You could buy the AO Brass disk in Akai format, convert it, and then you\'d have Jinjee\'s Horns.

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    Re: Can\'t find Jinjee\'s Brass.

    Good idea Bill.

    Then I\'ll have AO brass samples for a legal $225 rather than the same for an illegal $40 or whatever Jinjee used to charge.

    Foot in mouth, raving about string samples that were not Jinjees. Is this Jinjee Vitous? Samplers foot and mouth disease? Actually I have the Miroslav Mini Disc library and found it quite funny when I had a folder named Jinjee and one named Vitous on my machine! Ouch. Sorry Jinjee!


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    Re: Can\'t find Jinjee\'s Brass.

    Hey Marty
    You have quantum brass?
    Can you get a decent growl that emerges from a smoother tone by manually crossfading it. So that one has control over the swelling. What are the trumpets like? Do they have a growling almost cartoonistic sustain that you can dial in.
    Are they native to GS and hence extensively multisampled.
    I want to use them for jazz and funk as well as orchestral, how do they behave in this respect?
    Where is the cheapest deal? What did you pay?

    Thankyou for putting up with my prying.

    Ben www.core-element.net

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