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Topic: Spanish Guitar

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    Spanish Guitar

    Does anyone know of a really good spanish guitar library? I need one that sounds really real.

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    Re: Spanish Guitar


    maybe try the one from Xsample Vol 2. For Demo have a look at http://www.xsample.de.


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    Re: Spanish Guitar

    Check out Pure Guitars. Outstanding good playability and a harmonic sound. Ok it´s not like a real instrument- but it´s the best I ever heard on a sampler.

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    Re: Spanish Guitar

    I have found some demos of Pure Guitars. They sound very good. I was pleasantly surprised. I may buy this library.

    I also wanted to thank Georg for his suggestion of the x-sample guitar. I had this instrument already and forgotten.
    I used the guitar for now, but the music that I am working with really needs the spanish guitar.

    Ich kann nicht fur die neue samples warten.

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    Re: Spanish Guitar

    Nylon Guitar!
    We just sampled one in 4 vel layers (skin > fingernail) with note offs on every note, open string samples (in addition to chromatic) and a variety of fret noises. It\'s finished but not yet commercially available. Like all our stuff it sounds like the player is right in front of you.
    Extremely realistic.
    Email me if interested.

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