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Topic: GarritanJazzSamples.zip

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    I downloaded this file from somewhere but it is corrupt. Does anyone know where I got it? I have a legitimate copy of JABB along with a large number of products (also legit) from Native Instruments (makers of Kontakt), EastWest Quantum Leap, IK Multimedia, Cakewalk, etc.

    Some additional info... it appears to have some additional instruments, for instance, I can see part of the zip file and there is a Winds\59GTsB3.data which is **not** installed with the regular JABB.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: GarritanJazzSamples.zip

    If its the latest version of JABB that you own then you can always re-download it from the Garritan website.

    If it's not the latest version you own then you can always upgrade for a very reasonable small fee by providing your current serial number.

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