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Topic: Reasonable Orch. Perc. and Brass?

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    Reasonable Orch. Perc. and Brass?

    I need the above at a reasonable price. Could you please advise?

    $100 each maximum is the budget.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Reasonable Orch. Perc. and Brass?

    Hi Seedmuse,

    You won\'t get far with $100 for a library!
    There are a lot of cheap percussion and loop libraries, but realy no good (or none at all) orchestral libraries.
    A standard, not too expensive orchestral percussion library would be the Percussion & Harp disc of Siedlaczek\'s Advanved Orchestra series, but this cd alone still is around $225. But it\'s worth a try.
    Search for this library at http://www.soundsonline.com

    For a cheap brass library you should consider the X-Sample series, which has a lot of solo brass instruments. Take a look at http://www.x-sample.de

    Good luck!

    Maarten Spruijt

    Interested in my music? Go to http://mspruijt.ontheweb.nl

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    Re: Reasonable Orch. Perc. and Brass?

    Sorry, I meant http://www.xsample.de, without the dash!

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    Re: Reasonable Orch. Perc. and Brass?

    The best Orchestral percussion library by far is the Ultimate Percussion library at $299. Definitely worth every penny!! Xsample brass disk would be the cheapest at about $130 for starters. You may be disappointed with the trumpet though as it does not excel in the upper ranges.

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    Re: Reasonable Orch. Perc. and Brass?

    Don\'t know if you checked, but Worra\'s Place has a lot of free gigs. The quality varies, but they are free.
    Mail me at worra@telia.com and I can help you check the gigs since not all are published right now.


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