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Topic: NorthernSounds Deliveries...

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    NorthernSounds Deliveries...

    My apologies if this is a little off topic.

    I ordered a couple of sample CDs from the online store here last week for delivery to the UK.
    I have emailed NorthernSounds and left voicemail messages both asking for a rough idea of how long delivery is. (I don\'t mind - I\'d just like to know!) After nearly a week, I\'ve had no response to either email or voicemail messages.
    Can anyone reassure me that I will eventually get my CDs? I\'d hate to think my $200+ had \'disappeared\'!


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    Re: NorthernSounds Deliveries...

    It depends on how you had it shipped. If they shipped it International Priority, then it should take no more then 5 days. If they shipped it regular air mail, it could take up to 2 weeks. If they shipped it by boat, then it could take a VERY long time.

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    Re: NorthernSounds Deliveries...

    Hi Steve.

    I think that one of the CD\'s are a \"Post Organ Toolkit\"?
    This is a title distributed by Bigga Gigga, and when Northen Sounds sells one of our titles, we drop ship. Since you live in UK, and we ship from both US and Europe (Sweden), this is probably faster and cheaper (no customs) than if Northen should ship directly to you from Canada.
    I suppose it can be a little delay since Northen have to tell us, but I suspect that it\'s faster anyway.
    We got the order the 27:th and your \"Post Organ Toolkit\" was shipped yesterday from Sweden, so you should have it any day now, (usually it only takes a couple of days from Sweden to UK). Normally, we ship the same day as we get the order, but this time it took a couple of days. Sorry about that!
    We also normally send a confirmation email, but I haven\'t got your mailadress, so we couldn\'t do that.

    Best Regards
    Per Larsson
    Bigga Giggas Europe

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    Re: NorthernSounds Deliveries...

    Thanks everybody - 2 emails and a phone call have out my mind at rest!
    Doubtless I\'ll be back with more technical questions onve I start playing!

    Thanks again


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    Re: NorthernSounds Deliveries...

    So you\'ve been able to get a response from Northern Sounds, yes? I\'ve been waiting well over a week for them to reply to my email. I\'ve also called on a few occasions during their business hours, only to get voice mail. (I haven\'t left a message yet, though) My query is about the free GIG download page, not regarding a purchase, so it\'s not quite the same concern for me. Still, I\'m finding it a bit disconcerting not getting a reply. Guess it\'s time I left my details on their voice mail.


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    Re: NorthernSounds Deliveries...

    I got through to Northern Sounds today, by phone.


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    Re: NorthernSounds Deliveries...

    PostOrgan arrived today - thanks


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