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Topic: Mixing down with a DAW with Giga

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    Mixing down with a DAW with Giga

    This is a bit off subject here, but I figure we are all Giga users and mixdown stuff, so here are my questions...
    I\'ve heard a lot of you guys demos on MP3 and noticed they sound pretty damn good coming through my cheap little computer speakers. When you guys put up an MP3, do you have to add extra EQ to make them sound better? I mix on a pair of Mackie HR824s and use my AKG K240 headphones and get great results, but as soon as I listen to my CD through computer speakers I get nothing but mud. Do you guys boost up some 7k or other frequencies when doing MP3s or do my mixes just suck? Any tips on getting stuff to not sound muddy would be appreciated.
    I have to say I am not crazy about plug-in reverbs and EQs, but if there are any better EQ and reverb plug-ins, I\'d really like to know.
    Is it me or do these plug-in reverbs and EQs add weird digital artifacts and harmonics?
    Would I benefit running everything out of my Mackie 1202 board into my CD burner to warm things up or would I degrade my sound quality?
    Sorry to sound like a newbie. I\'m more of a composer then an engineer and any tips on what I\'ve mentioned would help out a lot.
    Thanks guys

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    Re: Mixing down with a DAW with Giga

    I master all my mixes using Waves L1 Ultramaximizer, then I use the Fraunhofer mp3 converter software. I\'m happy.

    Lennie Moore

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