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Topic: Book Trailer

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    Book Trailer

    We just finished a book trailer for a novel my wife wrote. I wrote the music using VSL & GPO.

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    Re: Book Trailer

    A very well done promotional video. Great music - well integrated.
    Good luck with the book!
    Jeff Gardner

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    Re: Book Trailer

    Once in awhile I go back to periods when I wasn't able to visit the Listening Room, and find things I like that I want to bring back to light. I know I'll never totally catch up, but when I have time, it can be rewarding to dig into the back pages.

    This one from Jeff Turner is very interesting - It's bound to especially appeal to some Forum members who enjoy cinematic music. It's very well done - And what a neat project, being a sound track promo to advertise a novel Jeff's wife wrote. I don't understand why there was only one comment posted on this thread - Maybe it was during an especially fallow period for the Forum.

    Are you around, Jeff?-- Sure like what you did here.


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    Re: Book Trailer

    Interesting find. The music is a great cinematic mix.

    Funny thing is that I wasn't even aware of 'book trailers' until an author approached me about doing a soundtrack for one just 3 months ago.
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    Re: Book Trailer

    hey Jeff...outstanding mix!

    Thanks Randy for recovery!

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    Re: Book Trailer

    Thanks for digging this up Randy! I thinks this is a terrific presentation for a book trailer. The match of the music with the images seemed perfect to me. All I can say, Jeff, this is my first listen on this and it is just excellent.
    I hope that you and your wife have found success with the novel and trailer.

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    Re: Book Trailer

    Yes, this was a real powerful, professional sound track.


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    Re: Book Trailer

    My wife just went to her nook to by the book (hmm, I'm a poet...) Wonderful trailer. By the way, I am serious, she is buying the book. Can't wait to read it.

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