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    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music
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    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: (ten)


    Everyday I make a discovery: I will go through your other works!
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    Re: (ten)

    Great job Michael and it was great to hear something from you.

    While there are typical "Michael-esque" gestures in this piece, there also seems to be a clarity I've not heard before. Don't take this as an insult to anything you've done in the past. I could be off here too, but I'd be curious to know if it's something you've been working on.

    Beautifully written and orchestrated. I also like the excursion into different styles.
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    Re: (ten)

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael A. Wiktor View Post


    Ten is another orchestral narrative.
    There are areas where I tried to mimic the sounds of an old fashion locomotive.

    This is the 4th work in Vol.2 of my revisions.

    All comments are welcomed.

    The Garritan Orchestral Strings
    Bigga Gigga
    DS Soundware

    Secondary link: TEN

    Hi Michael, Have just listened, with great enjoyment, to TEN.
    I greatly liked the orchestration, but was particularly keen on your various uses of the harp, throughout the piece.
    Very best wishes, Antony

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    Re: (ten)

    Hi Michael,

    One heck of a job on the writing in this! This is decidedly
    some of the best work I've heard from you.

    Were I conducting it, I think I would be tempted strongly
    to a less Classical, more (much more) Romantic baton with
    it... this is so rich in drama, especially the broader parts.

    Marvelous piece -- and by all means: Bravo!

    With admiration,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: (ten)

    Note to self - start looking through earlier posts.

    Excellent sound and composition. Intricate compositions like this amaze me. Great balance and variety. Great use of the instruments, and that choir was a surprise - and when music surprises me I love it more.

    When I think of a locomotive I was expecting a very straightforward rhythm, but was pleasantly surprised. Love the build up to the end as well.
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    Re: (ten)


    Quite the piece and the imagination! - definitely better than the first version. In terms of the mix although I liked your dynamics there could be a bit more thump or bass to the overall mix.

    At first I was not sure about the ending but then listened again and I think it is in keeping with the rest of the piece.

    Good job on this! 8 minutes - wow!

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    Re: (ten)

    Hello there Michael;
    Superb in EVERY way. Entertaining, original, intricate and deftly managed, your skill-set, honed sharper than ever! It is also mysteriously titled, "Churning the Ghost". Does that mean ghost conjuring?........... Anyway, I liked this piece a great deal and I thank you for sharing it and for engaging in its complete creation, without compromise and in a generous spirit. This is high-minded music of the first order, all should know they are honored by you posting!

    Thank you, Michael.

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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