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Topic: Rock Bass Wanted!

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    Rock Bass Wanted!

    I have quite a few bass samples now, but nothing is really giving me that thud,picked,punchy sound I\'m in dire need of. I\'m looking for a rock bass sound similar to what the latest rock bands are using, \"Godsmack\" has a good full sound. If anyone knows of any heavy picked rock bass samples please reply. Thanks.

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    Re: Rock Bass Wanted!

    Hi Munsie,

    maybe have a look at the Xsample 1. There is a lot of stuff for a rock bass sound. By the way there are also a nice wurlitzer and rhodes on the CD.
    The e-bass containes 11 different sounds programmed in 31 presets! It\'s a 5 string bass played with finger, different plectrons, thumbs, slaps, slides and so on.
    For more info ask your national dealer or have a look on http://www.xsample.de


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    Re: Rock Bass Wanted!

    Hi Georg,

    They dont have any demos of the e-bass online. Have you heard it before? Any comments?


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    Re: Rock Bass Wanted!

    I know...It\'s our page.
    The problem is there are a lot of instruments and making nice demos for all of them is a lot of work. So we have to decide working on the library or on demos.
    But even at this moment I talked with Hans-Josef Winkler about this, and he said he has an E-bass demo with wurlitzer in work. So maybe we can help you soon.
    We will make a post at this forum, when it is available.


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    Re: Rock Bass Wanted!


    E-Bass Demo now available at

    Vol. 1 (Bass, Wurlitzer)
    Vol. 2 (Alto Sax)
    Vol. 10 (Ensemble Violins)
    Vol. 9 (FX & Triangl)

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