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Topic: Quantum Leap Rare Instruments Demo

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    Quantum Leap Rare Instruments Demo

    I just uploaded the Rare Instruments demo. It can be found in the user demos section of this website. It is a low quality mp3, but you can still tell what this stuff sounds like.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Rare Instruments Demo

    Where is the Demo ? I am Looking forward to hear...

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    Re: Quantum Leap Rare Instruments Demo

    The demo should be up on the user demos section soon. I uploaded the demo yesterday. How long does it usually take them? If you put your email address in a reply, I will email you the mp-3.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Rare Instruments Demo

    Hi Nick. I\'d love to hear your demo- I still can\'t find it posted in user demos. So could you email it to me? Thanks.


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    Re: Quantum Leap Rare Instruments Demo

    Hi Nick.

    Could you send me your demo too please...?


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    Re: Quantum Leap Rare Instruments Demo

    The demo is up! Load the 4.2 meg version (LLQ). The other is screwed up.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Rare Instruments Demo


    That demo is absolutely fantastic. Are you using prerecorded phrases for some instruments, or is every individual note midi-triggered. It is the best demo I have heard, all categories counted..


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    Re: Quantum Leap Rare Instruments Demo

    Thank You Hans. A few instruments like the Duduk have ornaments/licks, as well as extensive sustains. All ornaments/licks are playable in every key, so there are very few limitations to what you can do with them. In the demo, the Sarangi in the 2nd cue and the Duduk in the 5th cue use a combination of ornaments/licks and midi triggered sustains. I think everything else is straight-forward midi triggered notes for every note you hear. All drums are played by midi, no loops.

    [This message has been edited by Nick Phoenix (edited 03-30-2001).]

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    Re: Quantum Leap Rare Instruments Demo


    I have to admit when you first posted sometime ago about your new library, I thought \"Well, I won\'t be getting that one.\"

    But, after hearing the demo, I will buy it!!

    The sounds are very, very special and have that movie soundtrack uniqueness.

    I got a kick out of your Peter Gabriel-esque part.

    Please list all the instruments available on this Rare Instruments set. I\'d like to see what your offering.

    Also, did the demo use any instruments or effects that won\'t be present on Rare Instruments set.

    Great sounds...and thanks for something a bit different.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Rare Instruments Demo

    There are 2 sounds in the demo that are not in the library. There is an indian drone (tambura) in the second cue that you hear at the top of the cue underneath the sarangi and there is an analog low pad underneath the alpenhorn drone in the Peter Gabrielesque cue.
    DISK 1

    Erhu (2 Stringed Chinese Fiddle, Bowed)
    Rag-dung (10 Ft. Tibetan Trumpet)
    Taiko Drums (Giant Japanese Barrel Drums)
    34\" Chinese Gong
    23\" Thai Gong

    DISK 2

    Sarangi (Bowed Classical Indian Instrument)
    Duduk (Armenian Flute) (Also Includes 40 Licks Playable In Any Key)
    Middle Eastern Fiddle

    DISK 3

    Alpen Horn (14 Ft. Wooden Horn)
    Hurdy Gurdy (Keyed Instrument Bowed With Wheel)
    Gadulka (Bulgarian Fiddle)
    Highland Pipes (Scottish Bagpipes)
    Uilleann Pipes (Irish Bagpipes)
    Launeddas (Sardinian Triple Pipes)
    Irish Low Whistle (Irish Flute)

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