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Topic: The Holy Grail of drum samples???

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    Re: The Holy Grail of drum samples???

    Check Sonic Implant drums: http://www.gigasamplers.com/drumsframe.asp

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    Re: The Holy Grail of drum samples???

    There was a thread on the Cakewalk newslist full of raves for the Purrfect Drums library from Studiocat.com. They just released the production version at $250. Personally, I love Roland\'s V-Drums, and sometime in the near future I am going to buy a TD-8.

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    The Holy Grail of drum samples???

    Any opinions on top notch/no compromise drum sample (kits) libraries.

    For the most part I\'m looking for drum samples that would work well for Pop, Rock and Country, but I would also like to find techno/dance samples.

    I\'m looking for the \"BEST\" drum samples available. For Orchestra there is \"Miroslav Vitous Symphonic Orchestra Master Set\" $4000. For Brass there Quantum Leap Brass $700, For Choir and Vocal there is Symphony of Voices $499 and Vocal Planet $399, etc....... Is there a Drum library that is in the same league, the holy grail of drum samples?


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