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Topic: simple piano piece

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    simple piano piece

    just an idea i got last friday that was developed...

    i need a title and to refine the MIDI score in sonar, expecially the velocities! actually, i played it with my limited abilities and then edited a lot!

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    Re: simple piano piece

    When I have a bit of spare time, I'm still going back into the LR archives, into the period when I was away from the Forum for awhile last year.

    Here's a sweet, neglected piece (it never had any replies posted) from bosone. It's a delicate thing, perhaps a bit New Age, and I find it sounding nostalgic in a happier way than we usually think of that word.

    Glad to have found it. Bosone - Thanks for the music - I'm a bit late, but it's never too late, right?


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    Re: simple piano piece

    thank you for this comment!
    it's very nice to hear some comments from a "forgotten" piece!
    consider that i never gave a title to this... it was completely lost on my hard disk, now i will put it in my finished project directory since i cannot imagine any modification

    thanks again!

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