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Topic: Sus & short patches and legato

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    Sus & short patches and legato

    Hi All,

    I am struggling with programming a semi-quaver galloping pattern for a "Western" sound-track style piece I am working on. The figure requires some aggressive short bowed repeated notes (semi-quavers) followed by some rapid legato scale-like figures. I am using the short& sustained string enemble patches for each part and have encountered a few problems that I hope you can help me out with:

    For the aggressive, repeated semi-quavers, I have adjusted the velocity to maximum to trigger the short samples, however, some of the repeated notes seem to just get swallowed. They are similar velocity and length to the other notes so I don't know how to fix this

    For the rapid legato phrases, I have kept the velocity at max but tried to automate the auto-legato feature to switch on for these phrases. However, with the autolegato switched on here, the volume of the notes drops and other notes are just swallowed. I am clearly not playing the samples correctly but could someone point out where I am going wrong? Should I automate the sustain pedal? Also, sould I adjust the velocity for the legato phrase?

    Lastly, are there any video tutorials for Personal Orchestra 4? Several youtube searches have revealed little and the info in the knowledge base mostly seems to be for obsolete versions of this and other libraries.

    Hope you can help with my general confusion and frustration with GPO4!


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    Re: Sus & short patches and legato

    I don't know about the legato lines, but for your aggressive short bow lines you might want to consider loading the short bow samples separately (I do this all the time when switching back and froth from marcato to normal/legato lines).

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    Re: Sus & short patches and legato

    I would recommend doing this on 2 tracks even though it is a little more work. As mentioned in the post above, load the short bows for up-down bowings. Then do your legato sounds on the other track. Then adjust the levels of the 2 instruments to bring up the legato to match the level of the short bows.


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    Re: Sus & short patches and legato

    Thanks guys, I'll your suggestions that and possibly keyswitching between patches too.

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