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Topic: Ultimate Timpani is shipping

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    Ultimate Timpani is shipping

    Just thought I would let everyone know that our \"Ultimate Timpani\" is now shipping. It can be purchased at Nemesys Music or here at Northern Sounds.



    Also the percussion effects cd is under way so if anyone has any input let us know!

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    Re: Ultimate Timpani is shipping

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by donnie:
    the percussion effects cd is under way so if anyone has any input let us know!
    What\'s the basic concept?

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    Re: Ultimate Timpani is shipping

    The basic ideas behind the effects cd is for it to be the tv/film percussion workhorse. We are in the process of sampling everything we can get our hands on. Some of the things sampled so far are:

    2 full octaves of almglocken (sevral different mallet choices)

    Steel beams

    Water Chimes and triangle

    Bowed gongs


    Pots and pans

    lama hooves

    taxi horns

    bulls roar

    Two octaves of rubbed wine glasses

    slit drums

    and tons more.

    I\'ll post a list when we are finished of everything that will be on it. There is just so much that we want to do and we literally think of new things every day.

    If anyone has anything that they would like to see just let us know and we will try our hardest to get it sampled.


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    Re: Ultimate Timpani is shipping

    Hey, great! Best of success to you.

    Garth Hjelte
    Chicken Systems Customer Support
    Home of \"Translator\"

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    Re: Ultimate Timpani is shipping

    Please include a kickass anvil with tons of different hits!!!!! All the anvils out there sound puny.

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    Re: Ultimate Timpani is shipping

    Believe me there will be tons of anvil and other metallic hits. We have already sampled tons of brake drums and metal beams of all sizes with tons of different mallets.

    However I must say that I think that \"most\" people really don\'t know what a true anvil sounds like. For example the anvil on our percussion library is a legit anvil. I think people\'s idea of what an anvil is gets skewed when they think they are hearing one in the movies. You have to remeber there is an awful lot of processing going on to get that big fat sound that you are hearing. A true anvil in the real world just doesn\'t sound that way.


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    Re: Ultimate Timpani is shipping

    I agree with Nick about the need for more great Anvil samples and more really great metallic object samples. How about steel brake drum hits? Is there a likelihood of the sampled metallic instruments such as the anvil being sampled at a bunch of different velocities as opposed to just one or two velocities?

    Still think UOP is great - looking forward to seeing what the new libraries have in store.


    Sonic Control
    Giga Users Network at

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    Re: Ultimate Timpani is shipping

    Hi Donnie,

    This all sounds great. You describe the new CD as Percussion \"FX\". How much in the way of \"FX\" can we expect? What I mean is I am most interested in unusual stuff: bowed gongs and strange cymbal scrapes and the like.

    Also, will any of the patches feature the samples already heavily processed through pitch changers/ FX processors etc IE changing them beyond recognition/ Distorted Reality style etc?

    Robert Kral

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    Re: Ultimate Timpani is shipping


    Yes we are doing several \"pre-fab\" FX to the dry sounds. Some of them are really cool

    We will have it set up where you can load just the dry sounds, just the FX, or both together. This way people will have the flexibility of loading what they want.


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