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Topic: Dan Dean Solo Strings Vs XSample 10&11

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    Dan Dean Solo Strings Vs XSample 10&11

    I am thinking of buying some strings, but I don\'t know which to go for.

    Can anyone let me know which is the better product.


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Strings Vs XSample 10&11

    buy all of them, they all work well together and will be more versatile. There is another volume of strings for x-sample. This other volume has the strings that are struck and plucked, plus some fx effets.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Strings Vs XSample 10&11

    But what if I had to choose one?

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Strings Vs XSample 10&11

    Start out with the Dan Dean collection. It is very good, and the sounds are versatile with most music. When you have the additional funds, start to buy the three x-sample libraries. Begin with vol. 5, this set has violin, viola, cello, & bass. This is the set that has pizz,bartok pizz, spiccato(sounds like a very crisp marcato)& fx. Volunes 10 & 11 have non-vibrato sustained samples, tremolo, harmonics, and more strange stuff. I had forgotten about the cello vibrato in the x-sample series. This is a good stero cello to have, but this can wait until much later. I would even suggest buying at some point the Larry Seyer\'s Upright Acoustic bass. This one is primarily all pizz, but it comes in handy. I think is was made for jazz, but you can use this instrument for other stuff as well.
    I bought most of these libraries one at a time when I could.

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