I\'ve just been trying to build a multi layer Tymp instrument.

Basically I have a p, mp, mf, f and ff set of three tymps in separate patches and want to combine them so that I get a velocity switch between them.

I\'m a bit stumped by what to do when I choose to combine more than two instruments. ie I merge two files, and then combine them into one instrument without any problems - I\'ve got a two \'layer\' velocity switched set of regions. Fine.

Now I load the third instrument up, and when I combine it with the new two layer instrument, Giga assigns me a FOUR layer velocity setup.

I understand that that\'s the way Giga does things - from none - to 2, 4, 8, 16 then 32 splits.

After I do the second combine, how do I get rid of the extra split?
If I ignore it and just map a null sample to it and hide it behind another split, the next combine maps the new samples to ANOTHER four layers (making 8 splits) and it gets ridiculous when I try putting the fourth layer in....

What am I missing here?