\"Post Theatre Organ\" Library of the Strunk City Theatre Organ for Gigasampler® and and GigaStudio ™

Post Audio Media announces the release of the new \"Post Theatre Organs\" CD-Rom for Gigasampler® and GigaStudio ™ today. Priced at $95. (US), this unique library features all chromatically sampled instruments from the famous City Theatre Strunk Theatre Organ, with unique release key action.
Each key release results in the true sound of the organ and its acoustic space.
All of these samples were recorded using the highest quality for recording techniques. Digidesign ProTools equipment was used in the digital side of the recording. We think these are the best sounding theatre organ samples available today.
Post Theatre Organ will soon be available at www.biggagiggas.com for an amazing $95.00 !

For more info go to www.biggagiggas.com/news.htm or mail info@biggagiggas.com