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Topic: Back with a baroque-like suite!

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    Back with a baroque-like suite!

    Hai all!! It's been years since I posted anything. Now I'm on vacations (Working with a 200 kids orchestra is tiring!)

    Anyway, I started an exercise. The idea was to write a small suite in the baroque style (well maybe not entirely WITHIN the style, but keeping in mind) and here's the result:


    I wrote the files in Musescore, and then used the GPO piano in Notion LE. I know that there is still a lot to do with the sound... I'm considering the Steinway Basic. How superior is the Steinway Basic vs the GPO piano? (Just a question)

    Anyway, I've always felt welcome here in this community and after such a long silence it was time to post new stuff.

    Greetings to all

    José Miguel Serrano
    José Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Back with a baroque-like suite!

    I couldn't have done that myself.

    It sounds good.

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    Re: Back with a baroque-like suite!

    I'm afraid that nothing I do will let me play your piece on my browser. For some reason, Firefox just doesn't like Soundcloud.

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    Re: Back with a baroque-like suite!

    Thanks philosopher!!

    qccowboy: I'm sorry that you can't play them... (Even though it worked great for me in the past, yesterday I had also some problems with it in chrome under ubuntu as well). I don't have accounts in other sites (I have one in bandcamp, but I think it's a different approach) Tonight I'll try to put them somewhere else and hopefully it'll work better than soundcloud

    Thanks for taking the time!

    José Miguel Serrano
    José Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Back with a baroque-like suite!

    I like the four pieces. They all have a baroque spirit, crossing over to early classical, with a bit of a modern day view, and they all adhere to the formal dance idea, in particular the first and the last movements. I can't fault your writing.

    (Since we're all a bit nitpickers, I could add that the pianoforte is not really a baroque instrument, so your use of dynamics is not "authentic", and that the last movement should be called "Gigue", but as I said, that's just nitpicking).

    Well done.

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    Re: Back with a baroque-like suite!

    Sounds good to me too. Possibly a little to 'precise'.

    Don't know much about baroque styles, but it's clearly baroque like, so well done.

    I use the GPO piano, not sure the basic steinway is much of an improvement - but don't have a comparison. I've heard stuff using the full pro version and while good, still didn't hear a massive improvement. But then I think I need new headphones...or ears.

    I've also heard pieces done with a 30 gig galaxy piano library, and was shocked at how dull and lifeless it sounded. There's just no telling with some libraries.
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    Re: Back with a baroque-like suite!

    Great pieces. Try the GPO Harpsichord, you will be surprised!!!


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    Re: Back with a baroque-like suite!

    Ok, I followed advices and nitpickings

    Here it is, with GPO harpsichord and the Lehman-Bach tunning:

    José Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Back with a baroque-like suite!

    Definitely a hit!!! Great performance and well chosen register for the Sarabande!! What do you think yourself?

    When you are ready with this, I want the wave file for my collection.


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    Re: Back with a baroque-like suite!

    Ok I think I have it well enough. The harpsichord gives it a great sound, Regarding the sarabande register, I have heard it in some baroque suite's recordings. I think it gives it some refreshment for the harpsichord timbre.

    Raymond62, I'm glad you like the suite enough to ask for the wav files. I made a zip file of 40 Mb. How can I send it to you?
    José Miguel Serrano

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