After the living descendants of the Mendelssohn-Pupil Eduard Franck (1817-1893) provided me with copied scores of his early pianoworks, i produced the world first recordings of 21 compositions. (op.3,2 was recorded 2009 by James Tocco for a New York Radiostation)
I have recorded all 22 pieces of op.1,2,3,5 and 7 in two versions:
1) with the sound of a sampled modern Fazioli
2) with the sound of a sampled Berndt Grandpiano from 1848 in the Mendelssohnhaus/Leipzig.
Here you can listen Teasers for the Studies op1 and the Pianopieces op2,3,5,7.
Fazioli: Studies op.1, Pianopieces op.2-7
Berndt: Studies op.1, Pianopieces op.2-7
Here you will find the whole recordings.
Modern Fazioli Grandpiano
historical Berndt Grandpiano 1848
I am curious what you think about this seldom played repertoire.