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Topic: Quick Jabb test - seeking comment!

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    Quick Jabb test - seeking comment!

    Hi all, first time posting on Jabb forums.

    This is for a game production i'm working for. I was looking for a very powerful swing band type of sound (blasting horns) and Jabb was as close as I could find, apart from the expensive screaming trumpet pro.

    I'm new to bigband style writing, but have had jazz piano experience. I also write lots of 4 part strings arrangement so multivoice harmonizing isn't new.. just 5 part harmonies are soo hard! In this piece, I tried to avoid full 5 voice int he first half, but gave in second half and tried to use lots of full harmonies. Still quite inexperienced with Jabb too, so would be great to get feedback on how I'm using it too.

    I read through the bigband arrangement tutorial, but for this one, I just went in and played each line without really thinking about the exact vertical harmonic structure.. just went with the coolest sounding lines. Though I would love to spend time to learn all the different harmonizing (vertical and horizontal) guidelines.

    I did figure out how to get the trumpets to do falls, etc.


    Also, the siren and city sound is layered sound effects.

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    Re: Quick Jabb test - seeking comment!

    Hi Kensuguro,

    I think it sounds pretty good, though maybe post the track without the sound effects next time.

    Overall, the linear approach is working well, good lines, very jazzy, nice and loose (and good line doubling with the vibes). Good interaction among the sections as well.

    In terms of rhythm, the bass is a little nebulous. The notes aren't real clear and the line lacks clarity and punch. The drums are very good. I think a little piano comping in the background would help tie it together.

    Good first effort, keep it up!

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    Re: Quick Jabb test - seeking comment!

    thanks for the comment, glad the arrangement wasn't way off. For the bass, I can see the mix putting it way far in the back. Do you think the lines are too "undetermined"? I'm not particularly good at thinking up bass lines. Perhaps it could be more decisive and confident.

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