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Topic: Filtering Giga Piano

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    Filtering Giga Piano

    I\'ve been trying to adjust the filter settings on giga piano to create just a tad more lowpass filtering on the low velocity end. The soft notes sound unnaturally bright to me, and give the overall impression that one is simply turning down the volume
    in soft passages.

    I think I\'ve hit a problem discussed in a previous thread, however.
    If one enables lowpass filtering, then the filter seems completely on at the lowest
    velocities. The limit range for the cutoff frequency still exhibits too much filtering for low velocity notes(making them too dark), and I can\'t seem to pull back the filter any more. Looking at the gigapiano patch it seems that they originally set all the low velocity samples to have no filtering. I\'m guessing they did this to avoid this glaring limitation in the way filtering is defined? Or am I missing something?

    I also tried adjusting the velocity sensitivity of the piano with respect to volume to try and and reduce this effect of \"turning a volume knob down\" when playing softly. However this has the effect of bringing the different velocity samples into a closer volume spread, which makes the tonal shift between different samples more apparent and sudden.

    Does anyone have a giga piano for which they are happy with the smoothness and brightness range of the dynamic spread? (I know this has been rehashed to death, but my guess is that all the giga pianos have this problem.)


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    Re: Filtering Giga Piano

    All I did to fix that problem was indeed to adjust the velocity switch points. I increased not only the first threshold, but the second one as well. I find that the transition from velocity 1 to velocity 2 is still smooth enough after this change.

    Note that some of the soft samples had *very* low thresholds. In one case, I think this is because the sample itself had a fault (a click in the attack), so they decided to effectively disable it, to a large extent, by reducing it\'s velocity threshold almost to zero. But, some of these samples which originall had very low thresholds sound good, and I was able to increase their thresholds substantially with no ill effects.

    Overall I\'m very happy with the Gigapiano. My main concern is not with the soft samples, but with the loud samples - they are not bright enough. Overall the Gigapiano just seems to be over filtered. But this is a minor complaint.


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