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Topic: Merging postOrgan stops

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    Merging postOrgan stops

    I have the Post Organ Toolkit and would like to join different sounds so they play together.
    I have cakewalk with gigaSamplerLE. Is there any easy way to do this? The simplest I can think of is to use layers and construct a new patch, although this would use up polyphony. I\'m also not sure how to load the wave samples from one gig instrument into another\'s wavepool.
    I could try combining each wave using cakewalk and setting a new loop point, but that seems tedious to the point where it is just not worth the bother. I suppose though, if one combines the waveforms a new loop point will need to be defined. Is there any tool around to automate this? Would it be easier with gigaStudio?


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    Re: Merging postOrgan stops

    Hi Duncan,

    Personally, I think the best approach is layering even though it eats polyphony. You can do this pretty easily with the editor, although I am not fluent at it myself. GigaStudio is much more powerful than GigaSampler for playback of layered organ samples--you can load 4 stereo voices on one MIDI channel and not run out of polyphony even playing very large chords (if your machine is relatively speedy).

    BTW, you may find some discrepancies in pitch between some of the Post organ samples which could inhibit combining them. But you should be able to fix that in the instrument window of the editor with the tuning parameter.

    Another option is to load up the sounds you\'re after and do a .wav capture while playing long durations of single notes. You can then chop up the resulting file into individual notes, loop them, and make a .gig file for them. I\'ve done this with Mixture stops with at least some success. It\'s a lot of work to do it well.


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    Re: Merging postOrgan stops


    Layering two patches into one instrument isn\'t too hard.

    1. Load one of them into GSeditor.

    2. Choose File>merge and navigate to the second patch and click on it. This brings it up in the same instrument bank as the first patch.

    3. Highlight BOTH patches and then right click on one of them.

    4. Choose the \'combine\' option.

    5. The rest is kind of follow your nose stuff. Rather than bore everyone with the details, see how you go and if it doesn\'t work, let me know and I\'ll put more specific info down.



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    Re: Merging postOrgan stops

    Thanks for the help. I\'ll try out the layering approach. Its interesting that
    you mentioned the tuning. I think one of the organs is tuned in just intonation, which I\'ve never been a big fan of. Or perhaps they just forgot to tune it before recording the samples
    Well actually I find this is fun to play for me now, as the imperfection adds to the natural \"organic\" quality to the sound.


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    Re: Merging postOrgan stops

    Tuning of organ samples is a real problem. The Post Organ kit includes samples from different organs and organs inherently have tuning problems, which if subtle add to their beauty, but when not so subtle can make them very ugly. I have found that Cool Edit has one of the best ears for determining the true pitch to the cent for a wave file. Try loading the samples into Cool Edit, highlight the loop and then take the cents reading and put it into the fine tuning property of the wave file. Every once in a while Cool Edit misfires, especially on ensemble sounds, but it takes a lot of the guess work out of tuning. I have tuned samples from about 6 organs from around the world so that they are all perfectly in tune with each other and the results are stunning.

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