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Topic: World Instruments Tutorials

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    World Instruments Tutorials

    Hi all. My question is pretty straight forward. Are there any world instrument tutorials out there? Specifically, I'm looking for a tutorial for the fiddle. Most of the instruments are pretty straight forward, but I'm having a hard time working with the fiddle.

    The demos I've heard using the fiddle and other world instruments are very nice, so I know a good sound is possible... Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Re: World Instruments Tutorials

    Hi, Pcartwright

    I think I have some idea of why you're finding the World fiddle challenging. It's a raw sounding violin/fiddle, but as you've heard in demos, it can sound pretty good. I'll add that it's probably best to keep it as part of an ensemble, rather than trying to spotlight it in a solo.

    But I'm not sure what a tutorial could cover about using the instrument. Like all Garritan instruments, you want to look at the Controls window in Aria and look to see what controls are available for the instrument. You want to make good use out of all of them, varying the amount of resin/scratch, and using subtle bits of pitch bend at appropriate places. Remember that while the volume is controlled by CC1 or CC11, the strength of your velocity attacks change the initial envelope, varying from somewhat slow (low velocity) to digging right in (high velocity.)

    Perhaps someone could develop a tutorial showing those things in action, but I'm pretty sure such a tutorial doesn't currently exist. I do feel that what such a tutorial could cover would be fairly generic advice about using all the Garritan instruments.

    One more thought - while vibrato is available on the fiddle, keep in mind that in many genres where a fiddle sound is more appropriate than a more refined violin sound, the playing style is to use very little and sometimes no vibrato.

    Take a look at the controls and try them all out - that should get you started getting beyond just having notes trigger the samples.


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    Re: World Instruments Tutorials

    Yeah, I agree. I think I need to experiment with the settings and get a better sense of the instrument and how it varies from GPO's violin.

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