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Topic: elves in the church (woodwind quintet)

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    elves in the church (woodwind quintet)

    This piece uses GPO winds and french horn.
    I hope you enjoy it.
    Jay http://www.jesse.us.com/elves.mp3

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    Re: elves in the church (woodwind quintet)

    Hi, Jay - I really enjoyed your work on this. The whimsy is very gentle, even rather subtle - With the title, I thought perhaps it was going to be more Disneyesque--hehe. Nice woods orchestration, with some really pleasant turns throughout. Thanks for posting.


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    Re: elves in the church (woodwind quintet)

    This is quality buddy. I'm a big fan of fantasy sounding music and this is the kind of thing that really does it for me.

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    Re: elves in the church (woodwind quintet)

    Hey Randy. Thanks for listening. I was trying to be a little whimsical with this. I was messing around with the EQ on each instrument to get a more mellow blend that I thought might work.

    Dane. I am glad this piece works for you. I think that I am going to try another woodwind tune some time that is more playful than this. It just seems that so much can be done with winds, and GPO is so easy to work with.

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    Re: elves in the church (woodwind quintet)

    Hi Jay, great work with those GPO winds. Felt like a stately dance, with the little pauses, and as mentioned a very whimsical tone. I hear ya on the GPO and how easy it is to work it. Makes composing a pleasure (as it should be).
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    Re: elves in the church (woodwind quintet)


    You certainly got that nice warm blend happening. This sounds very nice and I like the orchestration. Nice work.

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    Re: elves in the church (woodwind quintet)

    Plowking! I am glad that you had a chance to listen. And thanks for responding with nice words. I have been very pleased with GPO and JABB. I find that I need to use other software for different things but garritan products have worked nicely for me.

    Chrishurn! Thanks for listening. I like working with strings and winds because you pretty much have the entire pitch spectrum to work with. There is so much that can be done with these ensemble settings. It certainly is a learning process for me but I am having fun with it.

    Thank you all. Jay

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