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Topic: GPO4 and Finale 2010 (Mac OSX): no audiofiles

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    GPO4 and Finale 2010 (Mac OSX): no audiofiles

    Hello everyone. Hope someone can help:
    1. I bought and downloaded GPO4 from Garritan.com on my desktop.
    2. registered, unzipped.
    3. GPO4 shows up in my Finale instrument sets in the setup wizard. BUT: when I tried to set up a new document, I got a message that there were no audiofiles, and sure enough I put in some dummy notes, and get NO playback.

    Secondly, I also wanted to associate GPO4 with Finale 2010 on my laptop. Downloaded the zip file, but it won't "unarchive" it; the credit card drag-and-drop key doesn't do anything, and I can't figure out how to make it talk to me.

    Ugh. All suggestions appreciated.

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    Re: GPO4 and Finale 2010 (Mac OSX): no audiofiles

    Hi Sondra and welcome to the forum ,

    Apologies for the wait! I actually don't use either Finale or Mac, but I read through your checklist and it looks as if you're missing a fairly critical step.

    Somewhere in the unzipped GPO4 folder there should be a setup executable file that installs the application properly on your system. Aria is supplied both as a plugin (for Finale in your case - I think that's an "AU" plugin for Mac?) and as a "standalone" player that can be invoked direct from your desktop, so the setup actually installs the standalone and will also place the plugin(s) in your chosen folder. As part of the setup process, it also decompresses all the GPO4 sample files and scripts into a form that Aria can read. Once you've setup the program with that, you can then power up the standalone player from your desktop and drag the activation key onto the Aria player in order to activate your licence.

    Unfortunately I can't be of any real assistance in the matter of actually locating the file to execute since I'm afraid the only thing I've ever done with a Macintosh was fasten the buttons (ahem - that was before Apple got the trademark registration of course ). On the subject of "association" I'm not really sure what your context is since I'm not aware that there are any files that can be associated with a specific application - unless this is something specific to either Finale or Mac users. I suspect, though, that the file creation and location process will still be the same in Finale with or without GPO - you'll just get better sounding output!

    A bit sketchy I'm afraid, but I hope some of the above helps.

    Kind regards,

    "A musicologist is a man who can read music but cannot hear it!" (Sir Thomas Beecham)

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