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Topic: Advanced Orchestra Upgrade Conversion

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    Advanced Orchestra Upgrade Conversion

    I just got my Gigastudio and am new to this whole thing, and need help on what is I\'m sure a stupid question.

    In converting the Advanced Orchestra and Advanced Orchestra Upgrade into Giga format, how do you get Giga to automatically recognize the velocity switching built into the Upgrade sounds (I.e, the french horns, strings, etc that have the ff V and mf V versions?) Is there a way to make Giga see both programs, and merge them into one with the velocity switch built in?

    I can\'t figure it out, although it seems like it should be simple.

    Thanks for the help,


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    Re: Advanced Orchestra Upgrade Conversion

    I\'m not sure exactly how your patches are supposed to be put together but it\'s not hard to merge the files the way you want.

    You load one up into the editor, then use the drop file drop down menu and choose \'merge\'. Now navigate to the other preogramme you need to merge.

    This puts both patches into the same giga instrument.

    The next thing you have to do is \'combine\' the two separate patches into a single one.

    You highlight them both, then right click on either one. This brings up a few choices, one of which is \'combine\'.

    Choosing combine brings up another menu, which allows you to choose what method you use to switch between the patches (mod wheel, layering, velocity, etc., - you\'d probably want velocity for this), what order the patches occur in the velocity switching, the resulting patches name etc.,

    After you combine you\'ll have three patches in the instrument, one of which is the new combo patch, and you can edit the velocity switch points and many other parameters.

    Hope this helps.

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