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Topic: Rare Insrument Tuning

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    Rare Insrument Tuning

    I want to include authentic tunings of the Sarangi and Middle Eastern Fiddle in my new library, Rare Instruments. Does anyone have a chart explaining the differences in cents between chromatic and Arabian and North Indian Classical scales? I have a chart for Arabian, but I wanted to double check it. The library is done and I only have a couple days before I have to send off the masters. Please help, I couldn\'t find a book in my local store.

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    Re: Rare Insrument Tuning

    Hi Nick!

    This is a difficult one...

    With regard to the tuning of the Sarangi I read the following (makes no sense to me...):
    \"Generally there are three strings retuned to S P S in mandar saptak...\"

    With regard to scales take a look at:

    (a comparison of different scales in numbers)

    typing in lesson2 at the end (instead of lesson 1) you get a chart for the Arabian scale with its layout on a guitar.


    (this gives you a comparison of scales in C)

    Hope this helps


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    Re: Rare Insrument Tuning

    \'Nick\', \'Oh\' does not have the answer.

    I found one answer, Nick, for middle eastern tuning situations on this page.

    Re middle Eastern music.

    I\'ve made a couple of santurs in association with an Iranian friend. He gave me some tutor books (in Farsi if you can read it!) but also some tunings. Come and see them when next you\'re in Canberra.

    If you think of concert pitch, equal tempermant notes as zero, then a santur scale might go like this. The figures represent cents above or below concert pitch.

    e +15, f +40, g +50, a -5, a# +40, c +50, d +50, d# +30, f +40.
    e -15, f +15, g +30, a -25, a# +15, c +35, d +20, d# -25, f +15
    e -15, f +15, g +30, a -25, a# +15, c +35, d +20, d# +22, f +15

    I\'m curious why you want to retune the instruments? Did the recording/sampling process yield them too far from playable?
    Most people would double these instruments in ensemble score type situations like Prince of Eqypt and would end up using antares autotune to retune them to the ensemble, ie western equal temperament tuning.
    Am I wrong?
    What is your approach?


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    Re: Rare Insrument Tuning

    The patches are tuned to a western chromatic scale and sound great, but I wanted to provide authentic tunings as an alternative, especially for middle Eastern and Indian customers.

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