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Topic: Ewi usb and Macbook Pro issues

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    Ewi usb and Macbook Pro issues

    I have an Ewi usb, version 1005, Aria Engine v1.111 and I have recently installed it on a Macbook Pro that is running OS 10.6.8. I had this Ewi installed on an older Dell computer previously and had no issues.

    My problem: the ewi is recognized by the Mac and plays through the software, but when I change settings within Aria that are supposed to be saved to the Ewi, it's not saving. Every time I plug in the Ewi and restart Aria, the settings revert back to the way they were on the old PC. If I change something, like transposition or fingering system and save it as a custom .sysx file, it is saved on the computer but it will not load if I shut down the software and restart it. I know there is a version 1.06, which I've downloaded from the Akai website, but when I try to install it, it doesn't seem to take. I can open Aria and the version still says v1005. I have the correct boxes checked in the Ewi configuration window.

    I have also posted a video on Youtube demonstrating this issue:

    Thanks in advance for any/all help!

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    Re: Ewi usb and Macbook Pro issues


    There's another update just for your situation:

    It's the standalone application to replace the one in the Application/EWI USB folder. I think I may have seen in in the Downloads folder in your video... From the tests I conducted here, it should fix your problem. It will still show v.1.05, but be assured you have the latest version.

    Éric Patenaude, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montreal. http://www.plogue.com

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