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Topic: Ancient kingdom

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    Ancient kingdom

    greetings to everyone!
    it has been a while since my last post here. i admit i do not followed the community a lot in the last years...

    Nevethelss, i would like to share some track i recently released. I composed this music some time ago for what should be a fantasy freeware videogame. The game was actually never officially "published" and i kept the track on my hard disk since i discovered bandcamp and the possibility to have a showcase for my music.

    So, i decided to give a title to this work, inspired by fantasy soundtrack and epic tales. There are just 3 pieces, that were meant to the title screen, the background music and the final battle of the videogame.
    Of course, all the orchestral soudns are from GPO!

    you can listen to them on my bandcamp page:


    every comment is well accepted!!
    thank you!

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    Re: Ancient kingdom


    Thank you for posting this work--Wow, you've completely captured the grand, epic style you were aiming for. This has to be perfect for the genre you were aiming for - fantasy video games. So rich, so well done. It's a pity the game project you wrote this for didn't work out - but I'm very glad to see you're trying to get your work out there where it can possibly be discovered.

    Best of fortunes on this music's possible commercial future - and congratulations on your considerable accomplishment!


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    Re: Ancient kingdom

    thank you!
    i will release a new album, instrumental guitar oriented rock, very soon... i just need the cover art!

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