Hi -

I have used (and loved) the original GPO and upgraded (I think twice) and purchased the jazz collection but not had the opportunity to utilize any of it for a few years now.

Back in 04(?) I had the honor to meet Mr Garritan in SF and asked then if he planned to do a world instruments library, so very psyched now to see the World collection available.

Question #1, are there any considerations re using GPO, the World collection and other Garritan libraries with OS Lion? I just ordered a MacBook Air with 1.8 ghz/i7 processors and am thinking about putting a system on that.

Basic need is for notation and playback of orchestral scores, pretty sure the Air can handle that and I bought the fastest version in hopes this will be adequate. Be interested to know if anyone's doing same or the Air has been bench-tested for it.

Also would prefer to use the original strings vs the set that came after, don't know if that's possible. Still have the disc.

Prior system consisted of Sibelius/Kontakt player/GPO, but is pretty old so will be starting from scratch.

Having talked with video pros who divide work between computer and peripheral hard drive, so am wondering if I should think similarly with music or just put everything on the Mac?

Haven't yet decided between Sibelius or Finale, have used both and lean toward Sibelius(any opinions?) Also need to know what best option for player is for fairly large scores.

To complicate matters a bit, once scores are laid down it would be nice to be able to record instrumentalists, singers &tc, though I know that's asking a lot and involves other software.

If someone knows of an up-to-date primer on basic set-up options I'd be interested. Have nosed around music stores and everything seems to have gone over to creation of trance muzak for people under the influence.

Thanks much, any opinions/advice appreciated