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Topic: pitch problem

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    pitch problem

    I\'ve got a propably typical newbie problem, when I add a few different samples in the gigasampler editor, I can make a sample bank without any problems but one, I don\'t seem to be able to maintain the playback speed of the samples. Or in othet words my samples play to fast and need to be pitched down, only problem is I don\'t know how to do this...anybody able to help me out?

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    Re: pitch problem

    i also am wondering about this

    i hope someone replies with a long thought out descriptive answer


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    Re: pitch problem

    Don\'t know how long or descriptive this is, but anyway:

    When sampling a note, say from a piano, say G3, you need to set the rootkey. That is, let the sample know when the correct pitch should be played.
    Many recording SW sets the rootkey to a default value if you don\'t say otherwise. Let\'s say that your recording SW sets the root key to C4. If you should make a gig, using this only sample, it will play it\'s correct pitch when pressing the C4 key, not the G3. This will make the gig sound funny....

    The remedy is to set the correct rootkey to the sample. There\'s always more then one way to skin a cat, but here are some:

    1. After making the gig, double-click on the sample in the Instrument Editor, and manually set the rootkey to it\'s proper value.

    2. Before importing it into the Instrument Editor, open it in your favourite sample editor and set the rootkey to it\'s proper value. (How this is done depends on the program you are using). Make sure that you, in the Instrument Editor, have the \"Internal settings override filename\" checked.

    3. Name the sample \"Piano_G3.wav\" and, in the Instrument Editor, check \"Guess from filename\" and the \"Internal settings override filename\" unchecked. The trick here is the \"_G3\" part. The Instrument Editor will now set the rootkey to G3 automaticly.

    This should make the gig play proparly, your children whelthy and your gardens bloom....(well, almost...)


    I don\'t have the Instrument Editor on this PC, so I might have gotten some of the actual words wrong

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