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Topic: web page for free samples???

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    web page for free samples???


    Wouldn\'t it be a GREAT idea if we could construct a web page where people could add addresses to where we could dl free .gig-files???

    I spend pretty much time trying to find those on the web, and I guess others do as well... It would be nice if we make use of each others efforts...

    I don\'t know how to do this, but I\'m sure we have a hacker here somewhere...

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    Re: web page for free samples???


    There are free user created gigs at Worra\'s place

    and some demo gigs he\'s made available at:

    There are also free demo .gigs which come with the programme.

    I don\'t know of anyone who has any other sites up with license-free gigs available, although there are obviously heaps of .wav files to be had as source material.

    This forum is maintained by retail store and frequented by the developers who\'s creativity, labour and investments are responsible for most CD libraries. As such I\'d be uninclined to suggest uploading any of their work forgeneral distribution. It\'d be more destructive to them than Napster could be to us (plus it\'s also illegal...)

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