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Topic: MySpace Blues.....

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    MySpace Blues.....

    Hi there.

    In my never-ending struggle of keeping the free gigs online at \"Worra\'s Place\" I\'ve, as you probably knows, have tried many solutions.
    The problem of having direct downloads is bandwidth. You guys download around 3-5Gb/Day, and paying for that kind of BW would ruin me.
    I\'ve tried some providers that sez they have \"free bandwidth\", but they really don\'t. I\'ve even contacted some of them, explained how my site works and told them about the bandwidth. Some said \"Ok\" and after a week they\'ve shut the site down.

    I then found MySpace. It\'s not the fastest server in tyhe world, and I think that when many downloads at the same time, it can get awful slow, but at least there\'s a chanse of getting the files.

    I\'m fully aware of the frustration that a slow downoad can laed to, specially when download breaks after 99% ready.... But this is the best deal yet.

    What I would like to ask is how you feel about this MySpace-thing and if you are able to get the gigs at all?


    If anyone want\'s to provide me with the space that can handle this kind of bandwidth, please mail me at worra@telia.com

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    Re: MySpace Blues.....

    I\'ve never been able to get ANYTHING off of myspace. When I click to download it ust opens some stupid add and thats it.

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    Re: MySpace Blues.....

    Yeah,Myspace is terrible in my opinion.I have managed to get some of the files downloaded but it can take hours to finally get it to work.Most of the time I can\'t download anything at all,certainly not a file that is several megs.
    It is not just your gigs,it is other Myspace folders as well.It seems their capacity is overloaded across the whole system.
    The lack of bandwidth is the main problem with the internet in general right now.One day it will be awesome,but right now it is choked with too much content trying to flow on technology designed for telephone use.

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    Re: MySpace Blues.....

    ...sure... it\'s a tad slow at times, but I really appreciate that there is a place where we can download free gigs... As a poor student I just can\'t afford to buy the expensive sampling cds so Worra\'s free gigs are absolutely neccessary!!!
    It is slow, but not very slow, and I\'ve dl:ed many gigs from there without too much effort!!!

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    Re: MySpace Blues.....

    Worra, I would think from a business viewpoint that the availability of free samples benefits both Nemesys and commercial gig producers. (This last may seem a bit counterintuitive, but I think that free gigs make people play around and eventually invest in commercial gigs when they can afford it and know what they want).

    So, it is in the interest of commercial sample producers to have free gigs around - perhaps they would be willing to sponsor such downloads. If they could share the cost, it would not be so much.

    Two other options:
    a) You will have to charge a per MB fee to cover the traffic.
    b) Alternatively, make an arrangement with a provider for a certain number of GB per day. Then, throttle throughput accordingly, or use some system where people have to apply for a download, which is then scheduled for a particular time (or otherwise emailed as capacity allows). Hereby people will be able to see when they can expect a file to arrive.

    I think part of what is causing high BW usage, is people (a) downloading files they are not going to use because they don\'t like the sound and there is no preview, and (b) people not using download managers, who have transfers break halfway or so, and then have to start download from scratch.

    As previously suggested, a rating system (e.g. feedback from users) should already improve problem (a) above.

    PS: I see some comments here about the current Internet riding on top of technology built for telephone. Untrue. The bottlenecks are on backbones and servers, and this is as far removed from telephone technology as one can get. As Worra says, there aint no such thing as \"free bandwidth,\" and no site offering \"unlimited bandwidth\" can actually supply it. Its just a marketing gimmic.

    Unforunately, I also do not believe that the Internet will ever become \"unclogged,\" because the more bandwidth capacity you have, the more content will grow to consume it. We have already seen this with \"broadband\" internet delivery systems.

    // C.

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    Re: MySpace Blues.....

    worra, I charging a subsciption or fee by the meg etc. is a valid idea. You are the one person responsible for the popularization of gigasampler and should recieve assistence. I would be happy to sponser your site as a user. Mark

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