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Topic: QuickSound: Does anyone use it?

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    QuickSound: Does anyone use it?

    From reading the recent NemeSys newsletter, and other press releases in the past, I gather the there’s a great importance placed on the quick sound database. I find this curious. Not only do I never use it, but can’t imagine ever using it. I’ve researched, agonized over, saved for, ordered, eagerly awaited arrival, and re-edited every gig file on my hard drive. What would I ever search for with QuickSound?

    Also, I’ve never seen any requests on the Wish List for improved search functions.

    So, I’m curious. Does anyone use QuickSound to search for patches?

    If not, maybe the development effort could be better directed. I’d be curious as to the opinions of others.

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    Re: QuickSound: Does anyone use it?


    In dark moments it may seem as if Nemesys is focusing on \'creature comforts\' such as QuickSound, or just trying to make their product a universal tool instead of focusing on what is the core problems in creating realistic, playable samples.

    However, I applaud the announcement that they are introducing scaleable velocity curves. It is evident that they are trying to move forward on many fronts. I guess we have to remember that there have been requests for such a variety of things (including synthesis), that nobody is going to be 100 percent happy with the pace of change.

    Personally, I would like to see more improvements on intelligent legato phrasing, more dimensions, larger instrument size, different LFO-shapes etc. - things that are essential to make a believable realistic instrument.

    But..., small improvements on many levels - in the end I guess we may all be satisfied...


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    Re: QuickSound: Does anyone use it?

    I use it everyday. I think the usefulness of the Quicksound feature is directly related to how large your library is and how quickly you need to access and audition sounds. In my case, I have thousands of sounds spread across 3 computers (on a network) and Quicksound is a big time-saver if, for instance, a client asks to audition “pad” sounds. There are literally hundreds of sounds that would qualify as “pad” sounds and they are not all located in the same place since they belong to different libraries and reside on different hard drives. With Quicksound I can type in “pad and .gig” and almost instantly bring up an extensive list of pads to start auditioning. The client doesn’t have to wait while I try to locate all of the candidates. Depending on how you organize your sounds in folders (maybe putting all pads into a single folder regardless of the source library), I imagine that a person could minimize the need for such search capabilities, but accomplishing the organization also takes time, and my time is money. Quicksound is definitely a big plus in my system and it continues to grow in value as I add sounds (which, of course, is never-ending).

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    Re: QuickSound: Does anyone use it?

    This is a little off-topic but I felt (since I used it as an example in my previous post) that I should mention my policy concerning clients auditioning sounds in my studio. I always make it clear to a client that the sounds in my libraries are available for audition only. If a decision is made to use a particular sound in the client’s project, that decision comes with the requirement that the client purchase the sound from the original source. Although the legal rules vary somewhat from library to library, most of the time the direct purchase of the library by the client is necessary and I insist upon it if they wish to use my services. I tell them to consider the expense as just the same as hiring a musician to play on their project. This is also the best way to support and encourage developers to continue working on new libraries. End of off-topic.

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    Re: QuickSound: Does anyone use it?

    I just type in whatever sounds I\'m looking for and they pop right up with Quicksound. The new version also updates new changes automatically so you don\'t have to update after you\'ve installed a new library. Quicksound comes in handy very much for me.

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    Re: QuickSound: Does anyone use it?

    I agree that it is useful but....

    I would guess that for the average user, such as myself, it\'s pretty over-powered for what I need. I have a load of sounds and they\'re stockpiled away in a coherently named system of folders. Even if I used Windows I\'d know where to look.

    Secondly it would appear to be one of those things which is only needed when you\'re looking for your next sound, and not something which should perpetually be taking up a third of your screen\'s real-estate.

    In searching for WAV files I prefer Windows because I know that, if I double click, I can hear what the files are. Whoever got the stupid idea that I should want to load them up onto my keyboard in a click from the QuickSound window, when it\'s so ridiculously easy to just pop up the instrument editor and make an instrument out of it, failed to understand human logic. i.e.

    We hear a sound we like, we make an instrument from it.

    QuickSound doesn\'t allow me to hear a sound I like so IMMEDIATELY I drop it and go to windows for the answer. Sure if you want to rename all your sounds systematically and use your library like some word processor, you can do that.... I\'ll just use windows thanks.

    It strikes me that some guy somewhere in Nemesys is just plain interested in data-management and has been given a stupidly long leash to go off on. QuickSound is allready too bloated for the simple job that it\'s failing to do.

    That said... I do use it for loading up instruments (that\'s all).

    I hope Nemesys have listened to it\'s users.
    I have not read one wish that QuickSound be fortified.... whereas I have read many which mirror my own....

    Integrate the instrument editor.
    Improve expressivity controls (portamento, legato layer).
    Full Midi implementation.
    More Loop features.

    Fingers Crossed


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    Re: QuickSound: Does anyone use it?

    \"I hope Nemesys have listened to it\'s users.
    I have not read one wish that QuickSound be fortified.... whereas I have read many which mirror my own....\"

    Go to the gigasampler yahoogroup. Joe Bibbo from Nemesys is member of the list and frequently answers questions. I know that sometimes Nemesyans are here but Joe is a nice guy I definitely KNOW to be THERE. Tell him what you want and wauit for a reply. YOu can even address the Topic directly to him (I did it with my question: DXi & Giga). Take a look and be happy.


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