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Topic: Adv Orchestra, Sibelius and Dimensions

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    Adv Orchestra, Sibelius and Dimensions

    Im putting together a Sibelius system with GigaStudio - an excelent
    combination - and i\'m hoping to use the Advanced orchestra 5 CD set.
    What i\'m trying to achieve is a bunch of sample and sibelius presets/templates so that when i open a string quartet score i can load
    up the string samples and everything is there ready to use. Now, i\'ve got a long way with this but i\'ve hit a stumbling block with
    \"Dimensions\". In the Adv Orch set each instrument, eg violin, has every style of playing that instrument (pizz, stacc etc) within the Gigasampler instrument. With a single keystroke i can swap between
    styles and techniques. I\'ve always liked this ability in GigaStudio but im having trouble getting Sibelius to perform the task. Obviously i can write in actual notes that cause the style swap but it looks awful on
    the score. I\'ve tried using the \"Note On\" command but it doesnt work (so Sibelius tell me and ive found it to be true). All i can think of now is to change the dimensions within the instrument to respond to a mod wheel or some other controller and try that (is this possible?)

    Does any of this make any sence to anyone? Does anyone have any experience of
    setting this up and how have coped with it.

    I\'ve also found that many of the sample instruments are out by an octave - which is just annoying and means going in and editing the key range.

    I\'ve had great sucess using Miroslav\'s mini orchestra (Akai) and using simple patch change commands (~P24 etc) to swap between instrument styles as each style is an individual instrument and contains no
    dimensions, but with Adv Orch there\'s only one instrument containing
    many styles.

    Hmmmm...... very fraustrating at the moment, but if i can crack it it could be very elegant and would sound fantastic.

    Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Robin http://www.pc-music.com

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    Re: Adv Orchestra, Sibelius and Dimensions

    I\'m soory because I\'m not able to solve your problem but I think you have the possibility to answer one of my questions.
    How would you compare the Miroslav Vitous mini library to the Advanced Orchestra set?
    I\'ve not made my choice yet and have not found any compared review of these two libraries.

    Thanks a lot


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    Re: Adv Orchestra, Sibelius and Dimensions

    The Adv Orch is certainly more complete in its 5 CD set. The single Miroslav CD though has some fantastic sounds and i would put the individual quality and feel to the sounds as having the edge over the AO sounds. The attacks are indeed a little slow but very lush and switching between legato, staccato, and pizz sounds fabulous. I think the full Miroslav would be the best in the world - but its pricey.
    So, yes i love the miroslav mini - best Oboe sound ive ever heard but its not quite enough. What would be nice would be for someone to produce a cd which actually has 2 different violins on it, so that in a string quartet you get the slight detuning and variance you would get from two players.

    Robin http://www.pc-music.com

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    Re: Adv Orchestra, Sibelius and Dimensions

    Thank you for your answers. I think I\'ll get the AO set.



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    Re: Adv Orchestra, Sibelius and Dimensions

    robinv -

    Why not try putting the keyswitch notes in a different \"control\" staff? Of course you would need to assign its MIDI channel to the same as the instrument\'s regular staff, and you would need to hide the \"control\" staff when printing (assuming Sibelius could do all this).

    - Chris Beck

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    Re: Adv Orchestra, Sibelius and Dimensions


    I do this with Finale. I put the control info into another layer and tell Finale to hide that layer. This works really well. I\'m am not that familiar with Sibelius but I think that you can do the same with it.


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    Re: Adv Orchestra, Sibelius and Dimensions

    Nice ideas people about control staves etc... thanks, not sure whether it would start to get unwieldy. At the moment, editing the instrument to put the dimensions on a controller and then entering controller changes seems to work best - i\'ll post my final solution once im done and you can see what you think.


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    Re: Adv Orchestra, Sibelius and Dimensions

    Get the Advanced Orchestra library which gives many different articulations for each instrument. The Miroslav Vitous\' only gives you one articulation for most of the instruments and many of these have ssslllooowww attacks!! AO is not perfect though and is starting to show it\'s age.

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    Re: Adv Orchestra, Sibelius and Dimensions


    The best approach i think is to work with different PROGRAM to change BASIC expressions and to switch between them using program change. In Sibelius you can name a program change e.g. \"pizz ~P123\" which will Gigastudio cause to change the program to play a pizzicato.

    I would use DIMENSIONS within one program to control SLIGHT changes to a given expressions e.g. a slower attack. You will soon discover that you will need the dimensions to do slight changes to a program. You can control these using a MIDI controller (e.g. ~C1,50).

    If you use DIMENSIONS for BIG changes you will soon discover, that they are very limited in number. So keep them free for slight variants of the same basic expression.


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    Re: Adv Orchestra, Sibelius and Dimensions

    ... I forgot to add the follwing:

    In my opinion the key-switching dimension features are very nice for stage performance.

    For notation I would not recommend them as there is no association between a the switch-note and the played expression. On the contrary a controller or program can be given a name that appears in the score similar to an expression mark.


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