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Topic: Conexant/Nemesys GM500 review

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    Conexant/Nemesys GM500 review

    Hello all,

    Rather than put all 21K of it on the board, I have put my lengthy review of the GM500 set on my home site. The address for the review is:

    Please post your replies and opinions here, and let me know what you think.



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    Re: Conexant/Nemesys GM500 review

    Thanks Ashley
    I enjoyed reading your review.
    I have the GM500 and use it mostly for working out my initial arrangements. It\'s a good way to get started with some sounds, but I am gradually replacing all my sounds with better quality Giga sets.

    The landmine of course is figuring out which sets will give me enough bang for the buck to be worthwhile, so new opinions and reviews are always appreciated.


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    Re: Conexant/Nemesys GM500 review

    Hello Ashley. I had a quick look at your review, and will check again when I have a bit more time. One question: do you think that the \"harpsichord\" is really done with harpsichord samples? My impression (I have the library, although I haven\'t used it much and probably won\'t) is that it is really a filtered piano. I\'d be interested to know what you and others think.


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    Re: Conexant/Nemesys GM500 review

    So you would be a professor of sarcasm and obscure 70\'s references? Hehe, no I appreciate your review, VERY thorough and you clearly have the knowledge to back up your comments. I don\'t think I\'ll be getting this lib.



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    Re: Conexant/Nemesys GM500 review

    Hoo Hah,

    Just for a bit o clarification, I bought this library because I thought I could be the cheap curmudgeon that I am, and avoid buying the ultimate percussion or Vitous libraries. Nice try, but while this collection is fine for a GM set, it won\'t quite fill that bill. From what I\'ve heard from others (no personal reference) it\'s a better value than the Miroslav \'budget\' set. Let your ears decide...

    I agree that the harpsichord is a filtered version of something... As I said in my review, it seems to be \"sanitized for your protection\". Well, now that it was mentioned, it does seem to possibly be a filtered piano...maybe an old CP-80. There seems to be more \'hammer\' sound than \'pluck\' sound.

    As far as being \'professor of sarcasm and obscure 70\'s references\', I disagree. Some of those were obscure 80\'s references. ;^) But I swear, when I was trying to figure out points of reference for some of those sounds, all I could think of was either Don Henley\'s big Eagles-era afro behind his huge Ludwigs, or Jan Hammer ambient sounds a la Miami Vice. Blame it on TNN for making those Miami Vice neurons fire for the first time in 15 years.

    ashley morris

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