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Topic: New gigs at Worra's Place

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    New gigs at Worra\'s Place

    Hi List.

    Just wanted to inform you about two new gigs at Worra\'s Place, www.worrasplace.com.
    A new version of the Ovation gig + a new Piano, Maganda. Both from Robert C. Allen.

    There\'s also a new section at www.biggagiggas.com called \"Download\", there you can find demos from Bigga Giggas releases. First out is a gig from \"Worra\'s Prophet\" called AnalogDream. You can get it in .gig, .sf2 or .wav format. More to come.....


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    Re: New gigs at Worra\'s Place

    Unfortunatly, there atre some problems with the Webpuppy server. It seems you guys download that much that the bandwith goes right through the celing....
    I\'ve been talking with the guys at webpuppy, nad they said that they will solve the problems within a couple of days.
    I\'ll upload the new files to MySpace shortly.

    Sorry about the inconviniance!


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    Re: New gigs at Worra\'s Place

    How about a rating system for the gigs.

    Like 1 to 5 stars. That may limit everybody from having to try every gig.


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