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Topic: Orchestral Sample Library - Suggestions?

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    Orchestral Sample Library - Suggestions?

    Greetings, Gentlemen
    I\'m a Gigastudio Newbie, having just decided that rather than buy another soon-to-be-outdated dedicated sampler box to complement my Kurzweil, I\'d start down what is obviously the path of the future - the Giga approach.
    My current library consists of the Gigapiano and the demo disk that came in the box. My pressing need is for top quality orchestral samples, notably strings, for starters.
    Will Miroslav\'s mini-library get me launched, or would that simply be a throw away, ultimately? I\'ve read that it\'s a place to start, and good for basic composition work, but not adequate for final recording of convincing orchestra. Is this correct?
    What advice might you offer?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Orchestral Sample Library - Suggestions?

    Welcome aboard!

    Miroslav\'s mini version conceits of all mono samples with the exception of a stereo bassoon. The solo strings have character. The flute is very warm. The oboe has appeal.

    You may want to look into Ultimate Strings Collection. (www.soundsonline.com)
    They are somewhat on the synth \"E\" side but very classy and clean.

    Ultimate Orchestral Percussion, is a must have. (www.dssoundware.com)

    Advanced Orchestra, is the best for the buck.

    Speaking of money...there is my two cents.

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