I plan on upgrading to GPO 4 from version 3. I want to make sure I have a few things clear before I take the plunge.

1. Do I leave version 3 installed with the Kontakt 2 player? I don't have to uninstall? there will be no interaction between the two?

2. Will it appear in Sonar (I'm using 7) as a separate vst plug in if I leave the version 3 on my machine?

3. If I decide to update my JBB and CMB later, do I have to install the ARIA engine and player again, or will it be recognized if I install it with GPO?

4. I currently have KONTAKT on my OS drive, and the samples on another drive. Can I do the same with Version 4 at the point of installation, without a hassle?

5. Finally, I am still running XP - does that meet the requirements of GPO 4? I found several system requirements, but I did not see any mention of the os.

Thank you very much.